What Does Success Mean For You?


What does success mean for you?” Success can mean a lot of different things to different people. What success means for one person, may be totally different for another, and each person’s perspective regarding success is different.


The feeling of success, and what it means started when you were children, or young adults, and you were influenced by your teachers, parents, peers, in your lives. As you have gone through and experience life, your perspective on success would have changed. Through your values, what you value in life, observed and witness, and experiences you have had.


Success may be for you: Being famous, having wealth, and celebrity status. Great relationships, and being happy. Climbing the corporate ladder and making 7 or 8 figures per annum. Raising a family and having the joy and pride in them. Having a career you love and are passionate about. Succeeding in sports and being famous.


When you look at your life, you may see you have been successful in several areas of your life already. You may have raised your family that you are proud of. Or, you may have a successful career, that you love and enjoy. Or, you may be successful in sports.

Or you have a creative hobby that you are very successful in. Or you are climbing the corporate ladder and achieving 7 / 8 figure income per annum.


Or you may have seen someone you loved, going for a goal, or dream. They climbed to the top of the ladder, to discover they had climbed the wrong ladder, it wasn’t what they wanted. ¬†Or they realized they were chasing someone else’s dream or goal. They were unhappy, miserable with life.


For others – Success for you may be being happy, having a loving relationship, and a great family. Doing work, you love and enjoy. Having the wisdom to choose what you want.


When you look at what success means for you, then you can get more clarity, at where you are in your life. You may have an aha moment, when you realize that you are already successful.

Or you may find a ray of emotions that surface, one being fear, which surprises many people. When you look at the fear, you realized this has happened due to knowing, or observed, or experiencing someone who has been successful. It seemed they didn’t have a life, or they were always working, or they ended up getting burnt out, sick, or they lost family or a relationship.


Subconsciously, even though you may feel you want to be successful, the fear may have created a belief that to be successful, you must sacrifice certain areas of your life.


Or you may feel having observed or knowing people who have been successful, and seen how their lives turned out. You may feel or think “I don’t what to be successful” and you start sabotaging yourself without even realizing it.


As you have gone through life your perspectives would probably have changed, through wisdom, insights, experiences, and what your values are in life. Success would now be probably looking differently to you as well.


What If – you took some time out, and looked at the question “What Does Success Mean For Me?” You may be surprised what it does mean for you.

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