What Pet Power Can Do For You!

This week is about self-love – unconditional love through Pet Power, being our greatest teachers. I also share a story that many may be able to relate to. Plus a message I received when I was on the beach one morning.

This is a message that was given to me one day on the beach.
Be at peace with yourself at all times, be at peace with who you are at all times, and be at peace with you. Learning to love yourselves, and so many don’t even know how to love themselves. This is sad, it saddens us to see people so unhappy. Nature is here to show you how to shine your spark your light, which is the beauty within everyone. We have different seasons to activate the different colours, to help people appreciate the differences, the contrasts, to help people connect to the beauty of each season and connect with nature, as they connect with the beauty of each season, and they are activating and connecting with the beauty within them. The spark can be like a beacon beaming out and shining the light. Or it can be a beacon that has a glimmer of light, many people are at different stages of how bright their beacon or light is. One of the ways to turn up your light is to be true to yourselves, being at peace with who you are, loving yourselves for who you are. Giving yourselves self-love is the hardest thing for many to do, yet this is the key that will set you free.

Learning to give yourself self-love, you are loving yourself unconditionally. Self-love and unconditionally love is accepting the flaws that you see, and others don’t even notice them.

One of your greatest teachers is the power of your pets, they love you unconditionally. They love you when you are happy, sad, hurt, sick, and angry, they love you anyway. Often when you are sick, angry, hurting, sad they will come and curl up for a pat. However, what they are really doing, is giving you love, and they give it unconditionally. They may lick your hand, or arm, that is their way of kissing you and giving you love.

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Where I am living in Australia at present, there is a dog, and now two cats. The dog is a beautiful border black and white border collie and she is 2 years old. However this beautiful dog loves you with abandon, she gives you so much unconditional love. If you are sad she will come up and lick you, and she will bury herself under your arm, so she has her head on your chest.   She buries herself into you, as if she is trying to get inside to heal you, to take care of you, comfort you. She will come up to me at times when I am working and put her paws on my lap to let you know she cares, especially if you have spoken when something has gone wrong. Even the times the tears flowed, she was there loving me, and when I stood on a thistle shrub by accident, she wanted to lick the prickles away. This beautiful dog has taught me so much about unconditional love, and she has shown me the power of pet love.

The cats, one is an older, yet in her majestic way she still gives you unconditional love, she is there to let you know she cares. The younger one is a year old kitten, and he loves you in so many ways. He puts on performances for you as he plays. He comes and curls up by you, or spend time with you while you are working or reading. However he is content to sit with you all day and let you know he’s there in a quiet way. If you are lying down he will quietly creep up and curl up beside you, and give so much love, that your heart opens up with love, and you feel the love, and feel loved. This little man came from a rescue home, so his start may not have been all that great. Yet he had so much love, that is how he found his way here, and now he showers everyone with that love.

These beautiful animals have taught us what unconditional love is, your pets are there to help you learn unconditional love as well. Last week I also had to say goodbye or farewell to another little dog who loved you unconditionally. He taught me so much about unconditional love, and how he also knew how to get into even the hardest of hearts. I saw this with a friend who said “don’t like dogs, I am not a dog person'” and yet this little dog wormed his way into this person’s heart and melted it. It was a sad time for many, who had to say farewell to this beautiful old man, as he chose to go home to doggy heaven. He brought so much joy and love to many people’s lives.

Talking about self-love and unconditional love I watched a movie called My Greatest Teacher, this movie when first watched, you may miss the significance behind the movie itself. However it does have a powerful message. I will give you the gist of the story because it is the message I want to speak about.

How anger can destroy your life and so many around you. How anger can consume you so much that it can make you sabotage everything you desire or want. The main character in the movie hated his father, because his father left when he was just very little and he didn’t really know his father. He grew up with  hatred, and anger for his father.

He lived for the day when he would meet his father, what he would tell him, what he would say. His anger and lack of self-love for himself made him do things that made him ashamed. He missed his own son’s birthday party, by being too busy working inside, getting ready to go to a convention. He  blew up in anger over an incident that was not necessary, spoiling his son’s birthday party. He was forever saying sorry to his wife and son.

He had to leave for few days to go to a convention, again his anger caused trouble for him, and he was held up, and late getting to his own speaking engagement. Then he was all flustered and as totally unprepared, because he didn’t have his notes with him. Someone texting in the audience, created his anger to get the better of him, he exploded at this person, to stunned silence in the room. Until he was told the person didn’t understand English.

There were several incidents, and one prompted him to go to look for his father as he realized he was very near where his father had last been heard of living a few years back. Looking for his father took him to many places, and he talked to many people, however he eventually tracked down someone who remembered his father, and he eventually found his father’s grave.

When he looked at the grave, it was like the anger had gone, he said what he wanted to say, but the anger was not there. What he realized, that his father’s image, memory, or what he perceived, changed, he saw his father as his teacher, and he changed his attitude and started sending love to his father.


When he got back to the convention, even his discussion group theme had changed, he was talking about healing, and he was generous and open. What he shared was an indigenous elder had shared with him.

You don’t die of a snake bite, it’s only a bite, what you die of is the venom that courses through your veins and you eventually die.

My perspective on that, is anger is the venom that eventually kills you. As for the snake bite you have to find an antidote so you don’t die, same goes for anger you require an antidote. The movie ended on a very happy and unexpected outcome due to his change of attitude. (This movie can be purchased from Hay House, It does have a powerful message – and many of you may have already watched it, if you are on Hay House’s email list).

I wish to remind you let go of the negativity in your life, and start loving yourself, and look at your pets and learn from them, they have Pet Power as my niece calls it.   They love you for no other reason than You are You. They love you when you are angry, sick, hurt, happy, fun. They love you unconditionally.

Learning to appreciate and have gratitude with what is already in your world, what you have right now in your life, loving yourself, and saying I love you to yourself, then you will start seeing a change within you. All the tips that are shared with you I do, and they work. Start practicing self-love, and see what transpire you may be surprised. Give yourself a hug, kiss your hand, and say I love you. Who better to love you than you?


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