When Experiencing Change and What Does it Feel Like?

On my journey of life, I have been single and independent for many years. I felt I was my own person, in control of my life, and who I was.


How sadly mistaken I was. Some of the relationships that I had were affecting me in a negative way.


These relationships were robbing me of my power, energy, and keeping me in a loop of fear, scarcity, anxious, and thinking I wasn’t good enough.


I thought I had escaped being controlled, dis-empowered, drained, and having my decisions influenced by other opinions.


Yet, in fact I was being more controlled, dis-empowered, drained and influence, on far greater level. Worse still, some of these people were influencing me to their way of thinking, or what they wanted.


When we are on the path of transformation, we go through many layers of letting go, and we take ourselves with us wherever we go.


What I mean by this, like I mentioned earlier I thought I was my own person, and I was in control of my life, yet I was being influenced and control by people in a subtle way.

I hadn’t truly realized how much that impacted my life, and I still had that sabotaging belief operating within me.


I discovered this when something snapped within me one day and I blew. I was so angry it brought me to tears, I felt hurt, vulnerable, scared and ready to give up on everything.


However, one thing I did, which later I realized was very powerful and took courage. I owned the situation, I accepted the blame. I faced my fears, stepped into them, and my world changed.


I took step back, set boundaries, through this I found support, love,understanding. Letting go of old beliefs, thoughts, feelings. Taking my power back, and connecting to my inner being, higher self, I found myself living in peace, joy and happiness every day.


When we are confronted with challenges, obstacles or situation, we have tendency to blame the outer circumstances. What we are really doing, we are taking ourselves with us.


What I mean by this; Have you ever been in a job that you hated, you blamed the people, staff, bosses, the work, economy, and so on. You look for new job, and you are offered a wonderful position. You resign your old job, thinking things are going to be different, you list all the things you love about the new position.


Then not long may be 6 – 12 months you find yourself disgruntled and dissatisfied with the job. Again, it’s the people, staff, bosses, work etc.

What you have done is you have taken yourself with the job, which are your limiting beliefs, mindsets, feelings, the stories.


Our mindsets and beliefs were planted within us when we were young children. The first 7 years we absorb everything, within those little children minds we created beliefs.



For Example: You may be a 1 or 2-years old and you see your parents

fighting over money. You feel frightened because mummy and daddy are unhappy, you are scared, frightened. You think this thing they call money is bad, because you see your mummy and daddy, unhappy and fighting. You don’t want them fighting and unhappy. You think its do with this thing they call money. You have created a limiting belief money is bad, because it creates unhappiness with mummy and daddy. Yet the real reason might not be money, but something else in the relationship.

  • “How many of you think money is bad or it creates unhappiness?”
  • “Have you stopped and the thought where did those beliefs came from?”
  • “Where did those thoughts or beliefs stem from?”

Many beliefs are handed down through the generations as well, and they are still impacting our lives to this day. We are still operating on beliefs that were form in a childhood  experience, that we  heard, saw and formed our own perception.


I have taken people through mediation and they have discovered a belief that was created as a child and is still active today. Those beliefs are trying to protect us from the time they were formed, because of situation, or event where the belief was created. It’s time to upgrade them to the person you are today.


As you go through your change you may feel you are experiencing more negativity, than positivity and this is what is happening to me.


The more growth and change I experience; the more challenges and obstacles show up.

As my mentor shared, this can happen and it is normal, she had seen it happened time and time again.

It is the Universe showing we are moving in the wrong direction, that path may be not for our highest good. It’s turning us towards the direction we are required to take.


I am finding in my own life, my world feels like it’s constantly changing. Where I am living even though it’s a rental, I love my little place. I was told it was safe and knowing the circumstances I knew this. Now, suddenly it’s on the market, and now I am having to look for something else.


Many know I am in Real Estate, and that’s been ticking along nicely. Now I am experiencing challenges there as well. With fewer listings, everyone is competing when we speak to owners and doing appraisals.


In this experience I keep reminding myself ‘I am good enough’ and remember the positive feedback and how much I helped people and how much they appreciated the help I gave them.


This creates a feeling of being unsettled and ‘Trusting my higher self and the god within, and the Universe’, that all will be revealed and the path that is for my highest good will be shown to me.


While answering a question asked of me, about “what is my contribution to the world?.” As I contemplated the answer. I realized I was on the path of being the best version of myself.



My aha or WOW was to ‘Empower Women to be the best version of themselves, and then to teach their children


I see all my challenges, obstacles often referred to as unexpected miracles, all helping me let go of outdated beliefs and the layers. As I grow into the new consciousness and being the best version of myself.






  • “Who do you want to be?”
  • “What would it take for you to be the best version of yourself?”
  • “What would it take for you to let go of you limiting beliefs and things that are holding you back?”
  • “What would it take for you to have a Free 20 minute call with me?”


As a result of working with me you will find that your life will transform, and you will experience living in a happier, joyful place, and relationships will improve. You will have someone who believes in you,  as you become the best version of yourself.   I am looking for women who are feeling tired, unloved and appreciated, who are ready to turn their lives around and start living a joyful and happier life and be the best version of themselves.

Who do you know?    contact me at –   rosemary@truepurpose.co.nz



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