Who Are You? Who Do You Want to Be?


Sitting in my lounge one Saturday morning listening to the strong winds hitting the house, and the trees being thrashed for hours on end, put me in a reflection mood.

First Autumn, 

The wind was thrashing the trees, and this was releasing old leaves, branches, twigs, and anything else that required to be released from the trees, and allowing these things to start breaking further down to create nutrients for the trees, etc.
This led me to look our lives. –

  • What do we have to let go of?
  • What do we require to release to allow ourselves to move forward?
  • What negative thoughts, beliefs, stories are we telling ourselves that are   keep us going around in the same   circles, only difference it’s just new   faces  and new people?
  • What are we resisting in letting go of?
    We have the feeling it’s okay, we are comfortable with our lot, we accept   that this is what it is, we are happy to  stay in our comfort zone because we   believe we are safe.


Then reading an old newsletter I wrote in November 2012. –

Brought home to me the stories we tell ourselves and … 


Here is an excerpt -It was my journey leading up to my final exam becoming a certified LOA coach. As I was preparing for that exam, I recalled I had been in another coaching course, prior to me starting my journey with QSCA

 This is how I felt when I had finished my first 6 months with the first Coaching Program course. I was feeling unworthy, I didn’t think I would make a good coach, I couldn’t see what value I could give people. I had started the course with excitement and  high hopes. After 6 months of doing that course, I didn’t believe in myself as a coach. I didn’t think I was worthy. My teacher and founder of the program,  wrote me a beautiful letter saying she thought I would be a good coach. I had lost faith in myself.

When the next semester was due to start, I discovered only days before  it was due to start. I had somehow missed receiving the emails, only receiving them in the last couple of days,  announcing the 2nd semester was starting in a few days time.   I was in quandary will I, won’t I and in the end, I decided against it.

Then 6 months later, I received the invitation to join QSCA, and it was one of the best decisions I made.  Within a couple of weeks, I knew I found my sweet spot. This course offered everything I wanted to do. I loved the basic principle that this course was based on Abraham -Hicks, and the Universal laws that operate in our lives, plus it included spirituality, future visioning, light work, meditations, I loved every minute of it.

On reflection, I realized we all have times where we doubt ourselves, feel unworthy, not good enough, and we don’t value ourselves, and what we offer to the world.

My coaching journey has taken me down many different paths, one of those paths led me to QSCA coaching. When I enrolled in that course, I had belief in myself, I felt worthy and good enough. Part of the course I had to start coaching people. I gained confidence seeing the people change, having their aha moments, discovering their dreams, and what they wanted in life, plus the feedback I received from my coaching instructor teacher, encouraged me to keep going.

The people I was coaching, were willing to Say Yes to Change, and to themselves, by embracing change and stepping out of their comfort zones.

Letting go and releasing old limiting beliefs that were no longer serving them, and creating new powerful beliefs. (Hint – a belief is something you repeat often or have heard from others saying constantly) Most of our limiting beliefs were created when we were young between the ages 0 – 7 years old, and they are still impacting our lives, whatever your age is.

This  started out one way, and ended in a totally different way than I expected.  It showed me that we are all vulnerable at different times in our lives. We all experience those doubts that make us feel we are not good enough, or worthy to have what we want.

My own journey, there have been times when I have hit rock bottom, didn’t feel good enough, felt lost and alone. It was discovering that I always had, and have people surrounding, supporting, believing in me, and  encouraging me to keep doing what I love.

I am always working on myself, by letting go what is no longer serving me. Discovering the limiting beliefs that are holding me back, and creating new beliefs that empower me. Discovering how our critical voices and egos don’t like change, and learning how to put those voices to rest. Creating new positive beliefs, habits in my life  that are empowering me,  and creating a life of joy, happiness, one that I love, and feel at peace with.

Sharing my story, I hope I have inspired people don’t give up, by falling victim to  your  stories you are telling yourselves, and listening to the stories your critical voices and your egos tell you. (Hint -our egos and critical voice don’t like change)

Don’t give up, if things are not working out for you, be open to new solutions and ideas. So many times, we often try to fit a round peg into a square hole, and it doesn’t work. When you give yourself permission to be open to ideas and solutions something better often shows up.

In my own example with my coaching, the first course didn’t work for me. Yet, the QSCA and the way they taught, opened me up and set me on fire loving every minute.
Even recently the same thing happened, everything I was working towards with marketing, wasn’t working, and a new solution came from an unexpected source, which  had the steps I was missing.

Remember, everyone of you are special and unique, you have so much to offer the world, and the people in your lives. Through your gifts, talents, allowing yourself to be the truth of who you are. Believe in yourself and know you are worthy and good enough to have your dreams come to a reality. Allow your light to shine and let yourselves blossom, and living a life that you feel empowered, confident, and worthy.

Remember you don’t have to play small, you are not serving the people in your lives when you play small. Allow yourself to grow and to shine your light.

The caterpillar thought its life had ended, when it became a chrysalis. Then it burst out to become a beautiful butterfly, butterflies are change. See what butterflies you see around you as go forth into your week.



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