Worry You Get To Choose

Recently I was reading  about worry, and they gave an example which was related to real life situation, I felt it really highlighted the Law of Polarity.

I thought most people would be able appreciate and grasp the example given in this situation, as everyone at some stage, find themselves worrying about something.

It inspired me to write about worry and the Law of Polarity.

The mother noticed as her daughter ate she had a worried look on her face. The mother asked, “what are you worried about? What is the problem?”  The problem turned out to be relationship problems. They brainstormed and came up with some different solutions. Then the daughter seemed relieved and continued finishing her meal.

Then the mother noticed her daughter had another worried look on her face, this time it was about a friend’s situation.  The mother thought finding  peace and the solution to one problem was very short lived before another problem arose.

This time the mother shared some wisdom, “if you are going worry you will always find something to worry about”.

It’s like we are programmed to worry, be stressed, scared or fearful, and we must find solutions, however we do get to choose.

You can worry or you can choose to flip the coin and see what is on the other side.

“If you had piece of wood, and at one end was worry, stress, fear, scared, and the other end of the piece of wood had peace, calm, joy, happiness, and good things happening.”

Which end would you choose to be at”?

What you focus on grows.  Thoughts become things”.  Mike Dooley quoted this in The Secret. If you choose to worry about something, then you seem to create all sorts of situations that creates more worry.

If you choose to stress about a situation, you seem to find many other things to stress about as well.

However, if you choose to feel peace and focus on a good outcome, then you notice many good things happening in your lives.

If you choose to feel good about life, or a situation, you will always find something to feel good about, and you will notice a lot of more good things happening in your life.

“If you choose to relax, you’ll always find something to relax about. If you’re going to feel appreciation, you’ll always find something to feel appreciative about.”

It all starts with a decision.

“What decision are you going to decide to feel today?”

 “Where are you going to put your focus today?” “Is it going to be at the fearful, worry end of the piece of wood?

Or is it going to be at the happy end of the piece of wood, where you focus on solutions and good things?”

Remember the choice is yours…. You decide what you want to experience and feel.

 Thoughts become things, choose the good ones

Where Your Focus Goes – Energy Flows – Results Show


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