You Have Two Choices


This week I have shared a quote by Dalai Lama, and it is interesting that this quote came to my attention through a blog post. The blog post was about people being people pleasers, where they say yes when they really mean no.

Have you been one of those people who to keep the peace, by compromising what you want? Or you will give in to them to keep the peace? Or you try to do everything to please them and still fall short?

“How do you find peace within yourselves?”
You have two choices, you can choose to go with being a victim, telling your story repeatedly. By doing this you are attracting more of the same into your life.
Or you can choose to change your story, and look at what you would like to experience instead.

Imagine there is train, and its traveling along the rail track. It is heading to a town called Negativille. This train also has a name, it is called the Train of Thought.  “What does Train of Thought mean?” You have a thought – for example ‘Oh Shucks this has happened again”, you immediately fall into memory.  “When it happened last time this happened  and oh this happened as well, and then another memory surfaces.
Before long you are already three quarters of the way down the rabbit hole, and burying also even more with the thoughts.
NOW – ‘Imagine an aeroplane’ – a Jet Plane that is sleek, and beautiful, and it flying high up into the sky. This plane has a name as well. its called the’Jet of Awesomeness’. When you are on this plane, you are reaching great heights. There are so many potentials, possibilities, opportunities, you are looking up and you can see a whole wide world. You can see farther than you have seen before.quote breathing 5

You have two choices in life, we all have –
Choice one – is the Train of Thought, where it takes you down a rabbit warren, and go deeper and deeper.  Or –

Choice two – you get on to the Jet of Awesomeness – and fly high, knowing you are lifting yourself above your problems. You can see the bigger picture you feel happier.

Remember you are the creators, and you are manifesting things into your life all the time. Your thoughts are energy, and they are sending out a frequency.
If you are on the Train of Thought heading for Negativille, well you will notice more negative things happening in your life. People being rude to you, accidents happening, having to wait in  queues and being late for an appointment, or getting stuck in traffic.
If you are thinking good thoughts, and even asking questions like –
What would I like to experience now?”,
“Why is everything happening with ease and grace?”,

 “Why is everything always working out okay  for me?”
 “How would I prefer to feel about this?”

You can feel a different energy by asking those questions, a feeling of  upliftment, feeling brighter, optimistic.

Quote by Albert Einsteinquote breathing 3

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

I suggest that you also breathe –  “What breathe!, I am already breathing? What are you talking about?” “Yes, you are breathing, however are you deep breathing or are you breathing shallowly from your chest?”

Exercise and a process –quote breathing 4
Take a deep breath through your nose, breathing from your abdomen and feeling it expand, then breathing out through your mouth, and feel your abdomen going flat. Do this several minutes, and throughout the day.  Especially when you feel stressed, upset, or are facing an issue, and at the same time as you’re are breathing,  putting a smile on your face, when you smile, it will do wonders as well.

I was introduced to this technique a few months ago, and I have found since I have been doing the breathing throughout the day, I feel so much calmer, more peaceful, and happier. I have also noticed when I have remembered incidents in my life, that had created beliefs within me. I have used the breathing, and I have found they have been released. When I have been working on an issue, I have had to work with it for some time. It took time to really release some of my deep-seated ones.

My mentor said that oxygen is what fire requires to burn, and it is the same for us. Oxygen is required to burn our deep-set beliefs. While you are breathing you may find you start yawning, this is good, because yawning is letting go, and releasing stuck energy, that has been stuck inside of you sometimes for years.

As you move through the breathing process, you  will find yourself become calmer, more centred, balanced and you will see life through different eyes, and everything will seem much brighter and lighter.quote breathing 1

I have also found that I don’t get so agitated or upset with people, when they get upset. I know the breathing  has helped me in many situations.

I have always felt the joy, happiness, and peace. However, since I have started the deep breathing,  the peace, calmness, joy, happiness, is at much deeper level than before. There is a deeper sense of contentment within me now.

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